Millions of Gallons of Water Saved!

The Aqua Mizer Solution®

aquamizer solution

Introducing the toilet tank upgrade program that dramatically reduces water waste in most cases by an average of 20%. This proven Green program includes:

• Initial Assessment to Estimate Potential Savings and ROI
• Installation Services or Installation Supervision
• Toilet Tank Upgrade for Catastrophic Flood Protection
• Toilet Tank Upgrade for Leaky Toilet Prevention
• Maintenance Staff Training
• Extensive Product Warranty
• Water Usage Monitoring for Savings Assessment

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The Technology Behind The Solution

Aqua Mizer has developed patented toilet tank fill valves designed to prevent the tank from refilling in the presence of an insidious leak and to turn off the fill valve if a catastrophic flood occurs. The product line also includes specially designed 2" adjustable flappers, and 3" rigid flappers with replaceable gaskets.

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