Overflowing-ToiletCritical Facts About Toilets*

    • All toilets will eventually leak.
    • 20% of all toilets are currently leaking.
    • 4.5 trillion gallons of water are wasted by leaky toilets each year, just in the USA.
    • Toilets account for 46% of all water usage.
    • A common leaky toilet will waste 75,000 gallons of water a year.             *Source - EPA/Water Sense, American Water Works Association

This is 75,000 gallons of water.Pools 





 Aqua Mizer in Action

The Aqua Mizer SolutionTM

Introducing a toilet tank upgrade program incorporating a break-through technology that dramatically reduces water waste. This Green program includes:

  • Catastrophic flood protection
  • Leaky toilet prevention
  • Hassle-free conversion process
  • Water usage measurement of facility
  • Inspection and assessment of all your property’s toilets
  • Complete report presented to the Manager, Owner, Board
  • Training and installation services
  • Project supervision and ongoing support
  • Product cost break-even in 4.2 months

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