Millions of Gallons of Water Saved!

About Aqua Mizer

Aqua Mizer has developed equipment that prevents water waste from toilets. These unique patented components replace existing flush mechanisms in tank toilets and are designed to prevent catastrophic floods. The equipment also senses 9 different toilet leaks (including flapper leaks) and prevents the tank from continuously refilling in those instances.

The Company has developed The Aqua Mizer SolutionĀ® to fully assess the need to reduce water waste and simplify the installation process for owners and property managers of multi-unit residential buildings, hotels, condo facilities, student housing and vacation rentals.

The return on investment for property managers and owners is remarkable. Depending on conditions and water rates, the savings on water bills can offset the costs of the Solution in as little as 4 1/2 months.

The Aqua Mizer team is skilled in analytics and engineering and is flexible and responsive. We provide a full turn-key solution, training, and certification. Our equipment carries 5 and 10 year warranties. Our support team is only a phone call away if you need advice or assistance.

Our patented equipment offers the only solution available that prevents catastrophic floods, eliminates the loss from water/sewer waste, allows management to take control of the toilet and be notified quickly when a leak occurs. Our Green solution has a short payback period and benefits the environment by saving millions of gallons of water per year.