Millions of Gallons of Water Saved!

Introduction to Aqua Mizer - How we conserve so much water!

The Aqua Mizer Solution ®

Aqua Mizer offers 2 levels of service:


A complete turnkey solution. Our engineering team assesses your entire facility. Our certified installers provide all necessary equipment and parts, install the Aqua Mizer system in each toilet, and rebuild all compatible toilets that require it. The PLATINUM program includes a 12-month water usage and savings analysis.


We train and certify your personnel to install our Solution, and we sell you the Aqua Mizer equipment, which your personnel then install and maintain. We provide you with a water usage assessment based upon the previous 12 months water bills and the water usage for the 12 months after installation.




All of our service levels include communications for your residents and guests on proper maintenance and functioning of the unit after installation. You enjoy the savings with the program you choose, and you will have the data to support your decision.

The Aqua Mizer Solution is the only system with these features:
• Prevents catastrophic toilet tank floods
• Saves millions of gallons of water by stopping water loss from leaks
• Fill valve offers 10 years of hassle-free maintenance if warranty terms are met
• Flapper comes with 5 year warranty

Critical Facts About Toilets Leaks*

• 20% of all toilets are currently leaking.
• All toilets will eventually leak.
• Toilets account for 46% of all water usage.
• An average leaky toilet will waste 75,000 gallons of water a year.

*Source – EPA/Water Sense, American Water Works Association

This is 75,000 gallons of water

Payment Options

a) Property pays for the project and starts reaping the savings after first month of installing the Aqua Mizer Solution®.

b) Split Savings Benefit Plan : Aqua Mizer assumes project cost and splits the savings achieved with the Property for the next 5 years. Years 1-3, 75% of savings go to Aqua Mizer, 25% go to the Property. Years 4-5, 50% savings go to Aqua Mizer, 50% go to the Property.

Installation Videos

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