Millions of Gallons of Water Saved!

Water Conservation

Why it’s important and How the Aqua Mizer Solution® can help

Water. It may be our most valuable resource, yet our usable supply of it is quickly diminishing.

Vast portions of the Earth’s surface are covered by water, but only 2.5% of it is fit for human use. Of that another 1/3 is frozen in glaciers and the polar ice caps. Precious little of the Earth’s water is available for use. Little of that can afford to be wasted.

According the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American family uses 300 gallons of water daily, with up to 70% of that water usage occurring inside the home. Water used by toilets accounts for 26.5% of the total, with waste due to leaks accounting for another 13.7%. Those two combined account for almost half of total water usage in the average American home.

Preventing toilet leaks is an ideal way to conserve water. No one benefits from a leaking toilet, and they often go undetected for months. Hundreds of gallons of water can be wasted, property owners are spending unnecessary money on a higher water bill, and in some cases, homes suffer extensive damage from a flooded bathroom. This is even further pronounced in apartment buildings and condominiums, where multiple families can experience damage to their homes caused by a leak that went unnoticed.

Not only does the Aqua Mizer Solution® present a practical, efficient solution to water waste, but it prevents leaks and the catastrophic property damage that results from toilet floods. Many Aqua Mizer customers also experience an immediate decrease of up to 20% in water usage immediately after installation of the Solution.

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